A few months ago in March, I had the exciting opportunity to present to the Freshman Seminar (which is open to all students in the Digital Art Program, and generally is well attened by all students in the program). The seminar is a crucial part of the program. It provides entering students (and is popular enough to draw seniors) an opportunity to understand what a career might be like when they finish their studies. It helps prepare them for what to expect when they graduate.

Since I'm still enrolled in the program myself (and sadly finished with the major related design classes), it was an honor to be asked to present and a delightful opportunity to connect with some of my student contemporaries as well and newcomers to the program. The sense of community at my university is one of the reasons I love my program so much.

My presentation centered around my senior program progect of the Gritty video game I designed and developed. Since the organizer (and my past professor) was aware that many of the students have expressed interest in video game design, we decided that the video game was the most inspiring approach for the audience.

The feedback I recieved was so rewarding. I was inundated with questions after my presentation, the students seemed genuinely interested the entire time, and my professor followed up with an email saying "Many of the students reported that your presentation was their favorite of the semester."

What a feeling of accomplishment! I worked hard and felt confident about my presntation, but the most important thing was that the students appreciated the presentation just as as much as I enjoyed giving it.

Ultimately I learned during this process that successful teaching and learning can lead to inspiration for both the audience and the presenter. I am hoping and looking forward to going back to present again.